Our Great and Wide Pacific

Presenting the works of oceanic art wood sculptor Richard Morgan Howell.

“Blue water pursuit”

Featured are hand carved wooden oceanic artifacts, Hawaiian fish hook replicas, Polynesian Legends, wildlife, sea life, wall plaques, awards, trophies and commemorative emblems and much more.

Commissioned artworks:

For the past thirty years, I have been carving, by hand, commissioned and gallery wood carvings featuring Indopacific lore, artifacts and wildlife.

This skill was honed by spending over fourty years in the islands of Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia assisting island peoples develop their small scale fisheries.

After viewing my works here, I welcome your ideas to create for you a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from our Great and Wide Pacific.

Richard M. Howell with Fish Hook wood carving.
Richard Howell with his largest Makau to date. Commissioned work headed to Kauai.
Honoring my time on Rotuma Island 1968-9. Created this scrimshaw on a Fijian Tambua(Sperm Whale tooth).
“Honoring my time on Rotuma Island 1968-9, I created this scrimshaw on a Fijian Tambua(Sperm Whale tooth).”


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